About Me


About Me

I’m a Brazilian artist, living in the USA for almost a decade (currently in NYC). When I’m not painting, I’m studying art, visiting museus, galleries and promoting other female artists & athletes (Redlips_Art_Sport).

I was born and raised in a sexist culture and environment where abuse and discrimination against women are normalized. As women, we accept and suppress it. Later in life, I learned that female discrimination happens everywhere, in developed countries and various fields, including sports and arts. Women athletes and artists have often been overlooked, and their contributions minimized or erased. Women’s artwork and achievements are undervalue in comparison to their male counterparts. To stop the discrimination cycles against women, we must start talking about it, educate women, men, and future generations, and continue investing in women.

I want to invite you to support female artists & athletes to achieve gender equality: Please buy/promote women artwork. When you are visiting a museum or gallery ask to see women art pieces and learn more about them. And do the same with sports, follow and watch more women's games!

Thank you,

Sandra Scanoni Albers  (Redlips_Art_Sport)

"Free-da" - Artist: Sandra Scanoni Albers